Monday, 14 May 2007

itching for a holiday

This time last year I had just come back from a week long holiday in the Gold Coast of Australia. It was my first time there and I loved loved loved it. It had everything that delights me. Shopping mecca, Baskin Robbins and swimming everyday.

Now that it is getting colder and darker here, I really feel the need to get away to warmer climes. No holidays planned until October (I know so far away!) but if I was to go anywhere I would want to take one of these Wallpaper City Guides.
And having long been a fan of Moleskine notebooks, I was excited to see that they are doing travel journals too. I think that these are just perfect. I haven't seen them in NZ yet but I hope they make it here soon.
I know everyone raves about Lonely Planet guides and I love them too but I'm an Eyewitness Guide travel book girl. Mostly because the pictures are so darn pretty.


laceyJ. said...

I'm itching to get out of town, too! Good recommendations on travel references.

I'm Andrea said...

oh how i need a vacay. sigh. i absolutley LOVE those moleskin journals. i keep them stocked up at my house.

ali said...

Love that you used the map of Croatia! Have you been? Am dying to go.

We were definitely on the same page today.

Sarah said...

Oh we all need a holiday!
I haven't been to Croatia but from what I hear it is just beautiful so hopefully next time I go to Europe I will make it there.

maggienikole said...

oh i so need a holiday too, it has been far too long!