Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Happy Birthday Jojo!

Today is my sister Jo's 36th birthday.
Here's 36 things I love about Jojo

{Jo (left) and myself as little tots}

1. we share the same memories
2. she's my biggest cheerleader
3. she has beautiful hands
4. she gets me
5. her ballet dancing makes me laugh
6. she's like my twin but just born 3.5 years before me
7. she's a really good driver
8. she has awesome friends
9. she comforts me
10. her house has the best view of Wellington harbour
11. and I get to stay there for free when I visit
12. she's a speedy reader
13. she buys me gifts when she goes on overseas trips
14. she's intelligent
15. she has a great wardrobe
16. she can be silly
17. she's really fit
18. I can ask her stupid questions, yet she never, ever thinks I am stupid
19. she's a great cook
20. she's neutral, like Switzerland
21. she's generous
22. and really thoughtful
23. she's really successful in her career
24. she likes the same movies as me
25. she has great taste in music
26. she's a great organiser
27. she laughs at my silly jokes
28. you can always rely on her
29. she's really good at tuning in televisions
30. her rap star name. Moxie Jo
31. I totally trust her
32. she's my sounding board
33. she's always there for me
34. her unconditional love
35. when we go shopping we get to have lots of coffee and ho cho breaks
36. not only is she my sister, but my best friend also

Je t'aime Jojo!


Jojo said...

WOW... this is amazing ...thanks Sarah that is the coolest and most wicked thing ever!!! Thanks for making my birthday so very special. I was in denial about turing 36 (arghh) but this totally makes it all okay. You are amazing!

ali said...

The kid photo is classic. Too cute. What a great sister you have.

Sarah said...

Thanks Ali. Yep Jo is pretty great. I am blessed.
I love this photo, I love our grins. But after I posted it I thought that we actually do look like little boys but orange singlets with brown binding and short bad haircuts will do that to ya!