Thursday, 24 May 2007

Bless you

I love it when people say 'bless you' when someone sneezes. It's so comforting. But what do you do when no one is around? If you had one of these Kat Macleod Artkerchiefs from Third Drawer Down, I think it would do the trick. Cute huh?

Do you all know about Emma Magenta? She has done some pretty fine artkerchiefs herself.
Emma also writes the most gorgeous love fables. Ever.

'and everything seemed to move to the pulse of an invisible samba beat, making her swell with joy'
from The Peril of Magnificent Love by Emma Magenta

Emma's been busy because she has also done some photo albums which you can find here.

All would be a lovely lovely buy in my opinion.


I'm Andrea said...

thanks for posting this! i absolutely LOVE those. wow.

Jessica said...

Lovely top picture, whenever I sneeze for some reason I have to god bless you if no one is around to say it. It has become a habit now!

Robin said...

Those hankies are so cute, I love the broken heart one.

ali said...

That "when your heart has broken" one made me happy and sad at the same time. What an accomplishment on her part! It's a beautiful feeling.

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comments my friends.
Jessica - that is so cute!
Glad you like the hankies. I think if I had one it would be too pretty to use and that perhaps I would frame it instead :)

maggienikole said...

wow, these are so cute! thanks. oh and your banner looks great too!

LauraB said...

I like your new word artkerchief. New to your blog too and really enjoy it!

Ella said...

I admit that I say bless you to myself.