Sunday, 16 September 2007

5 weeks and counting...

... until I can lose myself in Melbourne. LOVE this advert.

Hello by the way! Hope you have had a lovely weekend x

Sunday, 9 September 2007

Checking in

Hello! I have really missed blogging this past week! Just popped home to pick up a few things and had to share Bret's brilliant dance which pays homage to the great dancer that is Kevin Bacon.
Enjoy, have a great weekend and I miss you!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

Saturday shopping & a little blogging break

I did some self gifting yesterday. Buying these ('Dance' ballet flats in Black), these, these (mine are the authentic Keds!) and these gorgeous earrings from my new favourite jewellery store Filigree. Actually, the smoky quartz drop on these earrings is a custom order for my sister Jo, but the shop had no more available so Jo is letting me borrow these until she comes to visit in a couple of weeks. She's the best.

I also went to this new art store and loved it. It's so big and spacious and I love these David Trubridge light fittings they have.
I was impressed with the selection of graphic design, illustration and font books they have. I will definitely have to go back and self gift again sometime soon.
I especially liked the Curvy range of books which Yen magazine put out. I don't know why Yen is no longer available in NZ but at least I can still get to see all of these cool illustrations. And I think that's enough self gifting for now!

I'm off now to housesit for a friend who has jetted off to Spain, Portugal and Morocco. I know, I'm envious too but she deserves the break. I will also be looking after Mary-Jane, her pretty little kitty. I can't wait. Dom's house is a sun trap and I plan on taking a little blogging break and catching up on reading, going through my magazines, relaxing etc. I'm sure I will sneak back in the weekends as I don't think I can stay away from all of your goodness for one month!
Be good, crafty and inspiring. I know you will be! x

Swap ready

I've been crafting my little heart out making these cd covers for the Storytellers cd swap. My first plan got scuppered so I had to think of another design which took me a little longer than I thought so yes, I am 2 days late in posting these. I hate that! Nevermind, they will be posted and I am pleased with how they turned out (though my blanket stitching needs a little practice).

I have a whole pile of things ready to be posted. The back2school swap goodies for Nancy, Robin is getting this from this giveaway I did and I have a good mail surprise for Liz who I hope has not developed RSI from folding all of those cranes. (Sorry Liz, I had hoped I would have sent this earlier for you to enjoy over your August holiday but that didn't come to pass and now it's September already! Oops).

But this stack will keep the postie busy for a bit. I love these swaps!