Sunday, 2 September 2007

Swap ready

I've been crafting my little heart out making these cd covers for the Storytellers cd swap. My first plan got scuppered so I had to think of another design which took me a little longer than I thought so yes, I am 2 days late in posting these. I hate that! Nevermind, they will be posted and I am pleased with how they turned out (though my blanket stitching needs a little practice).

I have a whole pile of things ready to be posted. The back2school swap goodies for Nancy, Robin is getting this from this giveaway I did and I have a good mail surprise for Liz who I hope has not developed RSI from folding all of those cranes. (Sorry Liz, I had hoped I would have sent this earlier for you to enjoy over your August holiday but that didn't come to pass and now it's September already! Oops).

But this stack will keep the postie busy for a bit. I love these swaps!


jo said...

sarah, i LOVE those cd covers!!! they are great. i am so exited about the swap!!! and i must confess i am a bit late on posting them too... but monday morning off to their destinations they go! :)

eshu said...

you sweet thing

i have something getting ready to mail to you too!

the cranes, oh the cranes... if i told you the progress, or lack there of, you'd say "shame!"

hope all is well with you my friend, those covers look amazing.

marta said...

how cute these are. i can hardly believe my eyes. swaps are oh so fun. i have completely indulged myself.