Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Je voudrais un croissant s'il vous plait

I love this little tune. And the video is so cute! Don't blame me if you get it stuck in your head...

And here is Bret in the Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra.
Ukulele's rock.

And here he is again in The Black Seeds with a nice little tune for Summer.
Can't wait for those hot summer days and afternoon treats from the dairy.


nancy said...

yayyyyy!!!!!!!! i LOVE that song! and thanks for the extra bits of goodness too, i'd never have found those myself.

ali said...

Is Flight of the Concords big over there? It's just catching on, here. I've watched a few clips online and smiled the whole time. Now I'm smiling even wider; love the French!

amy said...

ahhh that clip is soooo funny!!

Robin said...

That is excellent! I love the first one.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah
Great clips (although couldn't get the sound to work on the first one... I must be have a non-technological day). I so love the Ukulele Orchestra - they played at a local cafe this last week a breakfast time. Sadly work got in the way. But they are inspiring me to learn the Ukulele. There is even a lunchtime Ukulele group at my work (unfortunately not in my building).


ps: the Concords are big in NZ but the HBO show hasn't aired on TV yet...can't wait!