Monday, 20 August 2007

A lot happened...

It was a good weekend. Actually, every weekend is a good one. Simply because I have time for me. I love that.
I went to a couple of movies at the Film Festival. Finally getting to see Once. Oh my! Could I possibly be more in love with this movie? I loved every second, every song. Then I went searching for the soundtrack and couldn't find it anywhere. People didn't know what I was talking about. So I listened to the songs on the movie website over and over and then discovered a great podcast which had a full concert by The Swell Season. Ali, by all means you can say 'I told you so' because you posted about this way back here.
Then it was time for a little Japanese for dinner before going to see Death at a Funeral. Hilarious! Go see! Go See! Go see! Sadly, Rupert Graves doesn't do it for me quite like he did as Freddy Honeychurch. Must we get older? Loved Daisy Donovan.
Sunday was spent with a little baby love. How cute are these two?! Sorry that the photo is a little blurry. I was trying to take the photo quickly to try not to wake them up!

I'm trying to figure out bloglines. I can blog, set the dvd timer to record, tune in tvs so why do I find bloglines complicated? It works though yeah? So I should persevere?
Liz posted a great mosaic she made with flickr toys. I love these toys. I think I got a little addicted playing last night and that's why I felt a little light headed today. Oops.
And right now I am super excited because this morning I got tickets to see the Klaxons when I go to Melbourne in October. 9 weeks and counting...


Catherine said...

Hi Sarah,
sounds like a wonderful weekend, I really want to see Once as well, not sure when it starts here, soon I hope!
We got klaxons tickets also, it's going to be so fantastic! I am so excited.

sunny said...

what adorable babies! seriously.

as for figuring out a blog reader, I use google reader and it works beautifully. simple to use.

sunny said...

PS: I still haven't seen Once but hear nothing but rave reviews about it. Found the soundtrack to download on iTunes. (searched for "Once" as the title with the genre "soundtrack")

eshu said...

here's how i use bloglines:

when i come to a blog that i like, i use the "sub with bloglines" button (or bookmark) to subscribe to the blog.

i keep bloglines in my bookmarks and check in there (way too often) to read new blog posts

i don't know if that will make sense :)

jo said...

i can´t wait to see 'once'! i hope it gets to mexico soon! i downloaded one song, lies, i heard it on the radio and fell in love with it right away!!

that picture is so, so cute!!!

ali said...

Your weekend sounds too good to be true! I'm jealous of all the fun you have over there in NZ, even if it is winter.

Hoping your week is just as good.