Thursday, 9 August 2007

Thursday is my favourite day

It's been fun today shopping in the sun. Yes, that was not a misprint, the sun. It's so crazy, we are right in the middle of winter here in NZ, yet today was a day I would be happy for in November/December. I could have even gone crazy and worn jandals. Maybe tomorrow I might live on the edge and do just that.

Started the day with one of the fabulous hot chocolates I blogged about here but this time I took my camera. Looks good huh? And it tasted just as good!

Jo did some great shopping. I will try to take photos of her lovely purchases tomorrow.
And then the day ended with another session of bookbinding. These little notebooks are still in progress but I am smitten with these open spine designs. I found the folding of paper and the stitching very calming. The glueing will start next week, I might not find that very calming. I come a little unstuck (no pun intended!).

And I would like to thank you for all your sweet comments on my concertina album. You guys are the best cheerleaders ever!
And I'm looking forward to another day off tomorrow. Bliss...


Catherine said...

Oh I could do with one of those hot choloates, it's cold and rainy here, very wintery! You books are fantastic, I enjoy the stitching also, good luck with the glue : )

MissK said...

Love the books.
Weekdays off are the best.
We've had a warm week here in Sydney as well,didn't take a jacket today and got hot at one stage,very odd for this time of year.

jamieanne said...

Oh mercy me! That lovely chocolate drink looks like it's just about to die for!

ali said...

That hot chocolate looks amazing! It almost makes me wish it were winter here. Almost.

Jen said...

it was a nice day
Spring is springing :)

that hot chocolate does look good

like the books

Chelsea said...

Ooh. I love that bookbinding.

amy said...

hello! your binding is beautiful, i wish i had the patience :)