Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Music Tuesday - iPod is sad and so am I

I don't know what I did before I got my iPod. Actually I do. It used to take me forever to make mix tapes and I used to have to carry alot of tapes with me. Then cds. Then mini discs. Then I got my iPod and life was sweet. Until it started playing up recently. I have had my iPod for almost 3 years now. I use it pretty much every day. It's not a colour one, but it is white. And it is clever.
So I bought a new computer 2 weeks ago and I have been able to update my iPod, but sometimes it doesn't want to. Like yesterday. It just will not show up in the source list so it cannot update! I hate it when technology goes wrong.
I hunted for my extended warranty details and lucky me, bingo, I found them. So tomorrow I will have to make one of those phone calls I hate. Probably first to a machine, then on hold for twenty minutes or so, then to someone who probably can't help me. See how excited about it I am already? It's just that these things never go well. Those extended warranties that I never want but always seem to get always have clauses. Like when I lived in London and I had worldwide travel insurance through my bank and I went to visit my friend in Scotland and got pick pocketed on the way back home but the insurance would not cover it because I didn't have 'pre-booked' accommodation. Yes I did I told them. I didn't just turn up on my friend's doorstep!
Sigh! Wish me luck!


Catherine said...

your poor ipod. I couldn't live without mine either how can something so small become so important. Sometimes I think these things are built to become obsolete so you have to go out and buy a new one. I hope the phone call goes in your favour : )

nancy said...

oh good luck! i had the same problem with my ipod, and then it died. boo. but i didn't have an extended service contract, so you will surely have a happier ending.

as an emergency measure (one I took) a shuffle is just about the right size to hold a couple of mixes (I went through just what you did, musically speaking-- carrying around little cases full of themed mix tapes, then minidiscs, before joy that is ipod), and is a lot less expensive than buying a big new ipod until you're ready. i love my shuffle and hardly miss the big ipod. I load it up with different things depending on my mood (sort of like carrying around your walkman with a really long favorite mix in it) and bop around with it clipped to my pocket.

anyway, hopefully they'll fix your old one up for you, but if not, don't despair!

nancy said...

p.s. the sublime stitching patterns are super easy and fun! definitely try them without fear.

jo said...

i know what you mean, ipods bring so much happiness when they are fine, but the minute they start doing weird things they can cause so much stress! good luck, be patient!