Monday, 24 December 2007

Have a jolly Christmas

{Jojo and I with Santa, circa 1977}

Hello you.
I didn't mean to be away for so long.
But I got wrapped up in enjoying the good weather, Christmas parties, going to a wedding, birthdays, being crazy busy at work and of course fitting in the Christmas shopping.
I have still been trying to keep on top of all your lovely blog posts though, so don't think I have totally neglected or forgotten you. It's not true.
I'm off for a few days to spend Christmas with family and friends. Lots of laying back, having fun and enjoying the sunshine is planned. Oh, and in a few days I turn another year older. Well I guess technically I will only be 3 days older than I am now but you know what I mean.
I'm going to take another few days break from favourito and when I am back I will share the lovely gifts that have been arriving in my letterbox from Amy, Laura and Ann. Thank you all, I love them!

Have a jolly Christmas, see you in a little bit (I promise) xx