Thursday, 5 July 2007

and the magazine winner is....

...Alyson! Woohoo!
Since I thought this was quite fun and I felt bad that I couldn't give you all a magazine, well I thought I would. In a little bit anyway.
I drew all the names out of the box in this order:
5. Ali
So what I am proposing is that Alyson gets the first magazine and over the next few months (my budget may be limited to one a month) I will send magazines out to all of you in the above order.
What do you think?
Alyson, you are getting Shop Til You Drop which is a very fine magazine and the current issue even has some menswear in it so you can share with dlb! But I was thinking that I probably won't send this magazine to all of you. My top 3 Australian magazines (in no order of preference) are:
Shop Til You Drop
so Robin, Laura, Andrea, Ali & Jamie Anne you can let me know which one you would like and in due course you shall find one turn up one day this year in your letter box. Alyson are you ok to get Shop Til You Drop?
I am very loyal to NZ, but alas, I do prefer these Australian magazines just in case any of you were wondering!
And Maria, you were not forgotten. I am going to send you a special care package.
Thank you all for being loyal readers to my little blog! Love you long time x


LauraB said...

Ooh that Inside Out looks really cool! Never heard of that one either. Maybe we should all do a magazine swap? Are American mags. more accessible to you though than Australian ones are in the states?

I had a great 4th of July, thank you :) I'm going to post pictures soon.

I'm Andrea said...

Dang Sarah. You are the best. I pick that you just do whatever is easiest for you. Love your guts.

alyson. said...

yay, yay!!! I'm so excited Sarah, I've been eying your magazines, so I'm thrilled to have won this contest.
and Shop Til You Drop sounds fabulous.

Robin said...

So generous of you! The Inside Out looks wonderful to me.

ali said...

Sarah, you are too cute. This sounds great to me. Let me know if there are any American mags you pine for! Am happy to send one your way. :)

jamieanne said...

Me too me too! This is just about the most wonderful thing that has happened to me all week! Thanks thanks thanks. You are uh-mazing!