Friday, 20 July 2007

Friday dinner date

Woohoo! It's Friday! I for one, am very excited that today starts with F-R-I.
Just a short post today because I am just off to work and tonight I have a dinner date with these two charming boys. How could I resist? Just so you know, these are the beautiful twin boys who belong to a close friend of mine. And today just happens to be their 7 month birthday. So happy 7 months Ravie and Fenn! You've come a long way babies!
So happy Friday to you all. And happy weekend. And to any Harry Potter fans out there, it's just one more sleep!


Robin said...

Cute babies! I also get to have a baby date this weekend, with my 2-month-old nephew! Have fun!

Jen said...

have an awesome time with those u hunks

ali said...

How cute are they? What a handsome duo.

laceyJ. said...

How cute! Also, their names are adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

How are you doing? When are you coming for a visit? Not used to this blogging them in fact I sitll haven't worked out what it is! Maybe when you come visit you can tell me more.

Take Care
Kenny C

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah

Great photo of the boys they are so cute. Hurray up and finish Harry Potter so I can borrow it:)

Talk to you soon.
P.S I'm still sick

Jo Jo

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
Hope lifes treating you well. What are you doing with yourself this weather? Something exciting
I hope! Are you missing your games of cards? As usual Kenny won last night and he's a pain in the neck.

Nessie C

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
From one who is drinking a Sassy Red to another sassy red!(That's Macs Sassy Red that is)
P.S I don't think you should let Joanne read your Harry. Make her buy her own copy:)

Take care
Sasst M