Monday, 16 July 2007

Something special!

The good mail Gods have definitely been smiling down on me because when I arrived home today my first Etsy purchase was waiting for me.
I'm so glad I made the decision to purchase these cards from Alyson because:
1. She is very talented
2. I love stationery and was not disappointed by these cards
3. The packaging was delightful
4. Alyson is a lovely blogging friend
I even got a little notepad and Alyson's favourite recipe. I adore these recipe cards Alyson, you should definitely sell these too. Thank you so much!
Now I just have to decide when to use them. I just want to keep them for myself! Check out this fab Etsy store here.


alyson. said...

oh, I'm so glad the package got there safely! and I'm even more glad that you liked it so much.


Robin said...

Thanks for the recommendation of the Matchmaker, I looked it up and would love to see it but sadly, I cant - I don't watch R-rated movies :(. But if you have any other great Irish movie ideas let me know!

Your special package looks so fun!

ali said...

I wouldn't expect anything less from Alyson. She thinks of it all, doesn't she?

And yes, she must make and sell recipe cards. I have looked high and low for some that I like, but haven't had much luck. Alyson is just the girl for the job!

jo said...

oh this is so lovely!