Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Wishing I were...

{image from Signature Prints} Sydney so I could go to this fantastic sale at Signature Prints. It's a little depressing that I am on the mailing list but cannot partake in the buying frenzy! Anyone based in Sydney who wants to go shopping for me??

As a VIP friend of Signature Prints, we would like to invite you to attend our sale this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We hope you can join us.

Authentic, handprinted, 1950's vintage wallpapers and friezes in original condition featuring designs from various Art Deco and Art Nouveau libraries. From $50.00 (usually not sold)

Florence Broadhurst wallpaper remnants - $20.00 each (not usually sold) featuring countless designs and colourways. Come and find favourites such as Japanese Floral and The Cranes, or less seen Florence Broadhurst geometric, floral and tapestry designs.

Florence Broadhurst Fabric Remnants
Usually $143.00 per metre now $40.00 per metre

Florence Broadhurst Ottomans
were $420.00 now $240.00

Florence Broadhurst Throw Rugs
were $420.00 now $240.00

Florence Broadhurst lamp shades in varying sizes - from ceiling shades, to table lamps.
Reduced by 50%

Florence Broadhurst Fabric Art
was $300.00 now $150.00

Florence Broadhurst Cushions
were $88.00 now $44.00


MissK said...

Have you heard of Cloth,they're having a sale as well.
I went to the Signature Prints sale previously so might go to the Cloth sale.

Jen said...

sounds like a wonderful sale hope you
can find someone

Catherine said...

ugh that is so unfair that would be so fantastic! I love her stuff so so much, I have a cushion but they are so expensive!
Thanks for your melb comment, I have so many ideas for you, I go there all the time (like 5 times last year!) so anything you would like to know!

MissK said...

I just remembered that Signature Prints can send you out an A4 sized sample of their fabric for $4 each through the website.