Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Music Tuesday

Have tickets, will rock.
Not too much happening here. It's freezing, so I am going to bed to read Harry potter.
Rock 'n' roll.


Catherine said...

ooh what are your summer gig tickets for? for the coming summer? we have had the quietest year for music this year bit sad, but get to see Michael Franti in September, I am so excited.
Good luck with your book binders course that would be fantastic to do, I would love that. You will have to blog about what you learn for us.

LauraB said...

Who's playing at your summer gig?? Sounds fun! How's your Harry Potter book coming along?

Sarah said...

Hi Catherine and Laura!
So this morning I was able to add the photo. It was so frustrating last night. I don't know what was going on. But blogger without photos is no fun at all.
Hope you both have a good day :)
BTW - I am not very far into Harry Potter at all. I need some serious reading time!

laceyJ. said...

What fun shows! Hope to hear a review on how they were!

amy said...

hello! thanks for visiting my little blog :) i'm off to snow patrol in aus soon too!! can not wait

amy x