Sunday, 15 July 2007

So spoilt!

My good friend Leanne has come back to Christchurch after a 3 month stint in Sydney.
We share a lot of the same interests: design, colour, stationery, fabric, movies etc.
I was totally overwhelmed when Leanne presented me with a bag of goodies on Friday.
Wow! It was overflowing with the best of the best. Kikki K stationery and the sweetest post its; Paper Couture gift tags, postcards and note cards; Little chocolate hearts and chocolate slabs from Haigh's and a recipe to make Chocolate & Raspberry muffins; gorgeous wrapping paper I might use to cover a notebook; a beautiful black & white photography book on Sydney; adorable ribbons and a folder full of business cards, maps, flyers and even an article on Sydney based blogs!

I admit, I was in a bit of a grump before Leanne gave me this bag of treasures so it really lifted my spirits.
I was like a little kid at Christmas time devouring it all ten times over and more.
What really touched me the most though, was that Leanne had been collecting things for me the whole time she had been away. Made me feel very special. She knows me well, this is just the kind of present I go ga ga over. Especially a great collection of business cards!
Thank you Leanne! I love love love it all x


ali said...

What a cute friend!

maggienikole said...

so cute, what do the white blossoms on the bottom right belong to?

Sarah said...

It's the wrapping paper! Isn't it great? So textured and lovely.

lotusgreen said...

i just discovered your blog today and i like your taste.\

that wrapping paper is what caught my eye too-- who makes it? it's so pretty. it ties right in with the post i did today... er... yesterday.