Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Music Tuesday - Live Earth

So who watched Live Earth? I managed to miss alot of the performances I really wanted to see. Bloc Party, Crowded House and Terra Naomi.
I've been a Terra Naomi fan for a while now, somehow stumbling upon her video posts on you tube. And her blog. She is amazing. I was so thrilled for her to play at such a big gig.
So I missed it on the day but thank goodness for you tube. This is great. I had to share. She is exactly the kind of rock chick I wish I were. And such a great rock chick outfit.

I did happen to see Linken Park though who I thought were brilliant!
Ok. Short and sweet. Happy Tuesday to you all.

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laceyJ. said...

I only saw some of the 'bigger names' but need to dig into You Tube to watch more performances. Thanks for the head's up on Terra- never heard her music before. I'll definitely check it out!