Tuesday, 31 July 2007

Music Tuesday - cd buying

{illustration by Betsy Walton}

So I took advantage of Borders discount coupons over the weekend and purchased:
Bright Eyes - Cassadaga and
Cat Power - The Greatest
I had never heard anything by Cat Power but I had read a few good things about her on various blogs and when I saw this post by Decor8 on the art of Betsy Walton and I explored further, I found this great illustration she did of Cat Power which influenced my purchase of the cd as I had to find out more! And I love what I have heard so far.
Bright Eyes too. That goes without saying.
And thus marks my one hundredth post. Woohoo! Who would have thought?
Ciao for now x


Sarah said...

Hey congratulations on your 100th post! It's my 100th today too (well, when i've written it this evening :)), what a coincidence! I'm thinking of having a little give away, you should pop over...

And speaking of coincidences, I bought the wagamama cookbook last week too, chilli yasai soba mmm!

I'm Andrea said...

Hooray for 100! You are one of the sweetest bloggers out there and I am so glad I stumbled upon you.

Good cd choices. I am absolutely in love with that Bright Eyes cd.

LauraB said...

Yay for the 100th post! Ha. Feels like an accomplishment right?

Is Casadega Bright Eyes new album or just a song? I stopped following them awhile ago, for no particular reason, but am thinking now I need to re-check them out.

Shelly said...

congrats on your post!

cat power and bright eyes are two of my absolute favorites. are you familiar with the weepies? i think you would like them very much!

we should do a mix cd swap!

Catherine said...

Hey Sarah, congratulation on your 100th post! That is a big achievement. I love reading what you have to say.
I tried to get into Cat Power like you after hearing so much about her, I have a few of her tracks but am yet to find the one that grabs me yet.
Enjoy them!

jo said...

happy 100th post!!! i´m very happy we are storytellers swap parteners too!!! i adore cat power. and bright eyes, but i have not heard casadega yet!