Tuesday, 3 July 2007

Music Tuesday - more tour news (and just a little ranting)

{gig tickets from London}

I heard some good news today. Snow Patrol are coming to Christchurch. Hurrah! And every ticket sold gets a free copy of their new album. Double hurrah!
But good news came with bad news. I also heard that Ryan Adams is playing in Auckland August 16. Bad news because he is playing in Auckland and I am in Christchurch. Grrr, hardly anyone comes to Chch. And travelling to Auckland means getting time off work, expensive flights etc etc. Gutted. So you can see why Snow Patrol coming to Christchurch is a big deal. (Actually Guns 'n' Roses are playing tonight, so some bands do make it here).
I'm also missing out on:
Gwen Stefani - July 26
Bloc Party - August 8
The Cure - August 14
I miss my London days when the pick of the gigs were at my fingertips. Sigh...

On another note, if you are ever curious about the meaning of a song have a look here. It's pretty cool.
Ok, that's me for today. Over and out.


Jessica said...

Gosh I would give give anything to see the Cure. They are amazing.

Thanks for coming by my blog, hope you are doing well.

Tihs summer I am going to see Gogol Boredello and Feist, I guess that will have to do.

Catherine said...

Oh that is sad missing out on Ryan Adams, I would love to see him. I know how you feel missing out on things, I get that too where I live. Means lots of flights and expense but it is always worth it : )

I'm Andrea said...

Love that website! Thanks for posting it. And I know how you feel about missing out on great music. My little city is overlooked oh-so-often too.

laceyJ. said...

I use that website too... I love it.

I really am not saying this to make you feel bad, seriously. But, Mr. Adams is visiting our state this month! It's at a beautiful venue, too. Don't worry- I'll take lots of pictures for you!