Thursday, 3 May 2007

Oh happy day!

I arrived home to find this waiting for me. Oh such a treat! Thank you so much Abigail! It's fabulous and I love it all.

This swap has been so cool. Thank you again Marta! To receive a gift from someone you have never met from the other side of the world has turned out to be a magical thing.

So here's the stash...

A gorgeous scarf which I'm pretty sure is hand crochet. Stunning and soft and beautiful.
A scrumptious sandalwood soap. I love the smell of sandalwood so this is perfect.

When I discovered I had Abigail as my swap partner and I saw her amazing illustrations I secretly hoped I might be the recipient of one. Bingo! And this one Abigail sent me is gorgeous. It's going to be framed and hung for all to admire.

Phew, it's been a busy day! And I have managed to cross two things off my 'to do this year' list (well partially anyway). Tonight I started a night course in bookbinding which was fun! Challenging after a long day at work though. Started to make a notebook. Pretty cool.

And I booked some flights for a trip to Melbourne in October with my sis Jo. It's Jetstar's birthday and the flights are as cheap as chips. Take a friend for $3. Yes please!

Oh the funniest thing about posting about the real me yesterday was that my friend Lee asked me what I meant by 'chucks' when I said I have a huge hole in my chucks. So I told her they were my shoes and she thought it was an old fashioned word for undies! Man it cracked me up!
But let me set the record straight - I do not have a huge hole in my undies! I don't even use the word undies. They're what boys wear. And anyway, as if I would say anything even if I did! (which I don't. By the way. Again.)


alyson. said...

I love your yellow things! especially that little flower button. so cute.
ha....chucks as undies is the funniest thing I've heard all morning! :)

Victoria May Plum said...

How wonderful to receive a gift from someone so far away, it all looks great.
I'd love to visit Melbourne for $3, you lucky thing!
Victoria x