Monday, 28 May 2007

Aga love

When I was in the UK I spent the last 3 months living in Cornwall. I loved every second of it. Cornwall is so beautiful.
Victoria May has a great Cornwall blog you can check out here. It makes me feel homesick for my second home.
It was in Cornwall that I fell in love with my Cornish family, Black labradors (especially Jet and Bella) and Aga stoves.
Waking up to a cosy warm kitchen and making Aga toast is the best. They come in such pretty colours and when I do eventually get one I'm not sure how I will decide which colour to get but I think I will have to design my kitchen around it.
Oh I want me an Aga! But considering they cost more money than I make in a year they rank pretty low on my objects of desire. Still, I can always dream of Aga toast...


Sarah said...

I experienced aga toast for the first time a few weeks ago, a definate winner! And have just spent a weekend with two very lovely black labridors, so im with you on that one too!

Sarah said...

Sarah that's funny - did you go to my Cornish home?!