Monday, 7 May 2007

Autumn glory & Huffer cool

Botanical Gardens in Autumn splendour

Briar & Finn throwing leaves

Lovely Autumn hues

patterned pillars at the Arts Centre

one of many sculptures at the Arts Centre

pink dahlia

The weather was unseasonably warm in the weekend. I even went crazy and wore jandals (kiwi for flip flops).
Embracing this weather, I went to the museum, Arts Centre and for a walk in the Botanical Gardens with my friend Lee and her children Briar and Finn. It was a gorgeous day.
I hope you all had a gorgeous weekend too.

Autumn sunset

The Huffer kids are helping out the Westpac Rescue Helicopter kids with these cool tees. Nice work all round.


I'm Andrea said...

pretty pretty pictures.

ali said...

It's so crazy to imagine summer coming to a close for you; I forget how far away you are.

We're just getting ready for the sun....

Looks like you had a nice weekend.

Jessicah said...

How crazy but cool to see other peoples pictures of places I go to too on this old blogging world!! We may have been examining oopposite sides of the same pillars at the Arts Centre at precisely the same time- I was there the other day too.