Wednesday, 23 May 2007

It's all gone Pete Tong

Is it just me or is blogger doing strange stuff to any of you as well?
Usually when I post a photo, it shows up in the draft as just that - a photo.
But now when I post a photo it is showing up as html code! What the?!
Also, there are no font options, colour options or alignment options.
Have I done something funny by accident? Please help!

UPDATE: It was me! I am officially an idiot. But thanks to Alyson and Robin all is sorted and I am a happy blogger again. Phew.


alyson. said...

maybe you're on code view rather than compose view? not sure... try looking in the settings.
and yes, I'm moving to Portland in July. I try not to say much about it on my blog directly, as I haven't told work yet. I'll tell them in July.

alyson. said...

but I'm so excited!!! :)

Robin said...

Sounds like you got clicked into HTML view instead of compose. Next time you're in a new post, check the tabs on the top right side of the post box to make sure you're in compose.

Sarah said...

Thank you Alyson and Robin! You were both right with one click of a button it's all fixed. Oh thank God, that was really going to do my head in. See what a complete technophobe I am???

Anonymous said...

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