Monday, 21 May 2007

Fonts around town

There has been a lot of re-development happening lately in the city centre. I'm glad that these old signs and business names have been uncovered and left untouched.
They're like little treasures of yesteryear when everything was a little simpler. It reminds me of unwrapping a present and finding a nice little surprise inside.

I downloaded some fonts by Eduardo Recife here which I found via How About Orange.
Being the technophobe that I am, it took me a while to work out how to actually get them on my computer so I could use them but somehow I suceeded. Hurrah!
But I can't quite work out how to use the sky picture below as my blog header. When I try it comes out way too big. Any ideas?

By the way - does blogger look different to anyone else? I'm not sure where the font options have gone!


MissK said...

I love those old fashion ads.
I would love to know how to put the banner up,i made one up using fd's flickr toys put it won't load into blogger.

alyson. said...

I've been thinking about changing my banner lately.
I think there is a way to customize your template, but my banner has been up so long, and blogger has changed since then. I'm not sure if there is an easier way but I put my header into the template html. if you want, use my header as a template for size, so your's is not too big!

Shelly said...

I downloaded the fonts, too. I am now itching to get them set up and use them for something!

I think I am going to make a new banner for my blog. It's summer here in Kansas now and things are actually pretty for a bit.

maggienikole said...

oooh, i would love to change my banner! i have been thinking about that lately. must get on it. looking forward to seeing your new one!

I'm Andrea said...

sarah, i got your package. you are WONDERFUL. you made my weekend! seriously. you are the best. loved the cd. we have very similar tastes in music. thank you thank you friend.

little special said...

great photos sarah, i just love old signs.

i can offer no help whatsoever on the banner thing, but i hope you get it sorted - then you can tell us all how to do it!

i'll be in touch properly soon.


Sarah said...

You all have such lovely banners!
I think I will have to dedicate some serious time to this because I won't let it beat me. And yep, when I succeed I shall share with you all :)