Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Music Tuesday - on a Wednesday

I forgot that I was going to a play at The Court Theatre last night so I couldn't do a Music Tuesday post.
And I know last week I said I was going to post about the wonderful cds that have arrived in the mail but I am not at all organised so that will now happen next week.

Remember this sad iPod post? Well it turns out that my beloved iPod was unrepairable. Sad! But the extended warranty came through and it got replaced by a brand new one. Happy! Oh so happy.

I'm loving having my tunes with me all the time and am ecstatic that I can now view videos, photos and everything is in colour. My old iPod was monochromatic! It's literally music to my ears and eyes.

I was just downloading in rainbows when I saw this post from Alyson. Alyson is tech savvy and I am not as the download didn't seem to work (or probably I am not doing something right) and I have had to email the helpdesk. Boo.


alyson. said...

I hope you figured it out! I think it's excellent!

Catherine said...

Hi Sarah!
I am so pumped I am downloading in windows right now, was out last night so I am so desperate to hear it. I ordered the box set, I couldn't help myself. I hope it's increadible like everything else they do.

Catherine said...

um why did i call it in windows, I must be tired, or loopy! Yep loopy I think! : )