Monday, 1 October 2007

I'm doing the iPod shuffle

Here's a fun little game from Lacey.
Put your iPod in shuffle mode and name the first 10 songs that play. Even if some you would prefer to keep secret!
Mine played like this:

1. Miracle Drug by U2 - a perfect way to start. I love this song. It's true, I am a big U2 fan but this song didn't have that much impact on me until I saw the movie 7 Days. Love it. The part when Bono sings the word 'sweetheart'? Well that just makes me weak at the knees. Are you hearing me Maria?

2. Viva Forever by the Spice Girls - ok you got me. There goes all my music cred out the speaker! Well I like this song so get over it!

3. Cry Me A River by Justin Timberlake - ha ha am I digging myself into a hole here? At least you can tell I'm not cheating. It's true, I like this song too! JT is coming to NZ for 3 sold out concerts in November and whilst I don't love him enough to pay for flights and accommodation in Auckland, if he came to Christchurch I would be there.

4. Road to Joy by Bright Eyes - love pretty much everything that comes out of Conor Oberst's mouth. I love how angst ridden he sounds in this song.

5. California by Phantom Planet - will always remind me of The OC but it's a good song in it's own right. A nice summer tune.

6. First Day of my Life by Bright Eyes - Again, I LOVE his voice! This came up on Lacey's shuffle mix too. Nice coincidence. But as Bright Eyes has already featured in my shuffle mode, does anyone else notice that once your iPod has selected an artist they play more frequently in shuffle mode. I'm tired, did that setence even make sense?

7. What's Left Of Me by Nick Lachey - oh my god, can my reputation recover? Yep, I love it. Honestly, this is a good sing along in the car song. Trust me!

8. Too Lost in You by the Sugababes - lovely. Will always remind me of Love Actually.

9. Numb (live) by Linken Park - I love Chester. Enough said.

10. Sunny Afternoon by The Kinks - LOVE The Kinks! Love Ray Davies. Love Muswell Hill in London because of him. I love to sing along to this. You can't help to tap your toes to this little tune either.

There you go. I may have to do this again, to make up for the cheesy hits that embarassingly made it onto my list. I need to redeem some kind of cool. Have a go yourself and no cheating!
Night night x


Sarah said...

I love your ipod case! how cute! did you make it?

laceyJ. said...

Fun! I love the randomness of this game... you never know what you're gonna get. Thanks for taking on the challenge and not backing down!

I also love your little iPod case- so cute1

Anonymous said...

Love your song list Sarah. You have such styley taste in music. So much so that from now on I'm going to call you Super Styley Sarah:)


Anna said...

can I blame you for putting the Spice Girls song in my head???????! It so reminds me of early high school years (uh oh)