Thursday, 4 October 2007

Good Moo mail is a comin'

{image by blancucha}

I ordered some more Moo cards over the weekend. This time I ordered some Blanca Gomez ones. I adore her illustrations. I can't wait for them to arrive.

I had to get some petrol today and was inside paying when a young guy drove off with the pump hose still in his car. It ripped straight out of the pump. He obviously forgot and was mortified. I felt bad for him. I also felt bad that I found it a teensy bit funny.


Catherine said...

They are so cute! I have been so tempted to order some moo cards but never have, now I am even more tempted!
Oh the klaxons drama, was all a bit strange in the end. The tickets never arrived so I called and they said they were sent registered mail but I hadn't been home so they had tried to call me but not got through and sent them back to ticketek. The fact was that I hadn't ticked the registered mail box and had no missed calls, then strangely enough they arrived in the normal post two days later. I think somehow they stuffed up and hadn't posted them and made up some excuse to get themselves off the hook! Have them now so I am excited!

Jessica said...

I might definitely have to get some of those , they are fantastic. I hope you are good -

alyson. said...

I need to get some Moo cards. they are simply adorable.

alyson. said...

so, how do I order moocards from other people's stuff? help, sarah!