Monday, 29 October 2007

I'm home

{business card from Hail Mary I'm Home - Sydney}

Jo and I had a blast in Melbourne.
We shopped, shopped, ate and shopped some more. Fabulous.
And now our weary feet have bought us back home. As much as I love going on holiday, it's always nice to be home.
Here are some trip highlights:
- Visiting the Queen Victoria market. The food market was amazing. Prosciutto for $1 a slice. As cheap as chips and yum, yum, yummy. We fell instantly in love with the delicatessan rows
- Going to the Klaxons gig. Brilliant and bonkers at the same time. This was quite possibly the longest day ever. It felt like it was 3 days long. We arrived in Melbourne at 7am after getting less than than 4 hours sleep. The band didn't come on until almost 11pm! I know, I sound like a Granny. A lot of the young folk were wearing shiny nylon lycra leggings and fluro baggy tee shirts. It felt like 1984 all over again. And not in a good way.
- Lovely gelato from my most favourite of favourites gelato stores, Trampoline. Check out their website. They are very cool people.
- Taking Jo to see Once. Which was twice for me. I can't wait to see it for the third, fourth, fifth time and more.
- The hot hot heat. And equally as welcoming was the cool showery rain.
- Exploring Brunswick Street. The new Meet Me at Mikes store looks great.
- Discovering stationery paradise at Zetta Florence. Heaven!
- Catching a tram going the wrong direction just for shits and giggles. Ok, so it was a mistake but we eventually did end up at our destination which was St Kilda.
- Stocking up on more Moroccan tea glasses from Husk.
- Shopping at IKEA. Yay! And buying the most ridiculous things to cart all the way home. What?! The water jug was only $4 and will be the perfect vessel for those lovely summer Pimms drinks. See, totally justified.
- Making eyeshadow purchases from Mecca Cosmetica. Stila, I love you. Mecca, I love you too. The word on the street is that Mecca is coming to Auckland. I hope so. Thanks for keeping your ear to the ground for good news like this Miss Maria.

And thank you to my sis Jo for a fabulous week!

{Queen Victoria food market}

{lovely Koko Black thank you chocolate from Mecca Cosmetica}

{Brunswick Street}

{the finest gelato of them all}

{Trampoline - mmm, good}

{Flinders Street station}


jo said...

glad to hear you had a nice trip! that gelato looks delicious :)

we missed you around here!

MissK said...

Oh i'm so jealous,i've been wanting to go back to Melbourne for a whie n ow,definitely going next autumn or winter.

Jessica said...

Hope you had a great trip!! It seems like you ate some yummy things by the looks of your photos.