Monday, 30 April 2007

Super Cool Planets

{image by flickr member gadl}
How awesome is this photo?
I found this via Four Cups of Tea and I had to share (thanks Golriz!).
I'd love to try it but I think it looks a bit complicated for me so I think I'll just keep admiring the Eiffel Planet. It really is too cool. See more planets here.
Abigail received my parcel for the Mellow & Yellow swap. Hurrah!
It has been so cool watching all the photos and parcels unfold. See what I sent Abigail here.


Sarah said...

Wow these are amazing! I love making panoramas but never acheived anyhing half as good as these! It does sound complicated though doesn't it, will just have to look at the beautiful ones already created :)

Enjoy the bookbinding class, make sure you post your creations!

little special said...

what a great photo - thanks for the link!

i love the package you sent to abigail, it's really fantastic + the tile is stunning!


alyson. said...

I love the package you sent for the mellow + yellow swap! I clicked on the picture on the swap page before even realizing that was your package. love that paua necklace!

Sarah said...

Thanks for your comments :)
Sarah - hopefully my creations will be good enoughto blog about!
Laura & Alyson - thanks for comments on the package. This swap has been so heart warming! The flickr page looks great. We are all lucky.

I'm Andrea said...

your swap was adorable sarah. and i love these planet pictures. i saw them a while back. they would look great blown up and hung on a wall.

and p.s. the jazz game refers to the salt lake city, utah basketball team. sorry for the confusing post! haha. i forget that i need to explain myself.