Saturday, 21 April 2007

Saturday delight

I've had a wonderfully lazy Saturday

  • sleeping in until 9.30am (something I never do. I obviously needed it)
  • feeling lucky to spy the May issue of Lucky at Borders
  • sushi for lunch
  • an afternoon visit to the library

So let me tell you about my fabulous Thursday night at the Jazz Festival. The music was charming. Tim Beveridge was great but I do think it was Russ Garcia who stole the show.

When Tim mentioned that Russ was 91 I thought he was joking. So I came home and googled it. He wasn't joking. I'm in awe of this man! I can only hope that I am as energetic and still love music as much as he does at the age of 91.
Even his name is cool. Russ. Russ Garcia.
This man is the toe-tappin', finger-clickin' epitome of style. He is cool personified. And so suave. Great accent too.
If you don't know much about Russ Garcia then get this - he was the arranger/conductor for Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald for their recording of Porgy and Bess. He's also worked with Count Basie, Sammy Davis Jnr, Mel Torme and Nat King Cole. Too cool!
He is so happily in love with his wife Gina and has been quoted as saying 'I lead a charmed life'. Indeed he does.

A big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Leanne in Sydney. Indulge yourself!


Amy X said...

My darling Sarah!..glad to see bed has finally got a hold on you....X Rome sends its love - I made a wish for you at the Trevi Fountain...

Sarah said...

Amy J! Now you know how I like to get up with the birds and seize the day! Ok so I went to the library and you went to Rome. Hmm, somehow I think you win! Thanks for the wish. Aren't you meant to wish that you will come back to Rome? Miss you x

golriz said...

the garcia's are amazing! i know them because i am also a Baha'i. crazy coincidence to see them on your blog!