Friday, 27 April 2007

Friday treat

What a treat to find the new issue of Inside Out when I went to Borders after work. But even more so because it has a free delightful notebook by Poppies for Grace. I got the pink one but I love it so much I think I may have to go back and get the grey one as well. So sweet and I adore the perforated pages!

Have a perfect weekend x


Sarah said...

Just catching up...

Can't believe the sainsburys bags thing! That one totally passed me by... does sound strange though. they are now giving away free bags for life (you know the big ones you are supposed to buy and use again) what's the point of giving them away? Is that not just the same as normal bags but worse?? Aggh!

Never been to liberty, perhaps I will have to make a trip next time i'm, in london (and feeling rich!)

Go and get the gray notebook, you can never have too many notebooks!!

have a good weekend :)

alyson. said...

oh my, that magazine looks great! I'm not sure if we have it at Borders, but I'll have to go take a look.

little special said...

the notebook is just gorgeous - i think you definitely need the grey one too......go get it!


ali said...

I love the notebook. I'm with Alyson ... am wondering where to find that mag around here. I've never heard of it!

Must go look.

marta said...

i just love the things you decide to blog about. it's fun to see what's goin' on over seas. thanks for enlightening us. i love the perforated pages too and am gonna search high and low for this!

maggienikole said...

Hi Sarah,

Thanks for your note, I love your blog as well. (I added you to my blog roll too)

Thanks for posting about Poppies for Grace, everything is so great.

I love the writing sets. And go get that notebook, a girl can never have too many cute notebooks!

I'm off to see if they will ship to me in Canada, have a great day.

MissK said...

I bought this magazine this week as well.I didn't realise there were 2 different colours available and got the gray.The pink looks great,and i saw some of the Poppies for Grace invites at Kikki K earlier this week,so adorable.

Sarah said...

Thanks all for the comments :)
Did anyone have any luck finding the magazine at their bookstore? Did I say it's Australian?
Glad you liked Poppies for Grace. Stationery this lovely just has to be shared.
Yes I do have too many notebooks!!! But that won't stop me getting another...