Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Momiji love!

I know, it's been a while but look at what I spied at Borders today. The cutest little Momiji dolls/gifts/sweet things. I love them so much. I think my favourite is Rainbows. She loves shopping, fashion and long division. How can you not love a little doll who loves long division?!
Flowers likes action movies and Dizzy likes knitting and techno.
Do yourself a favour and check out the website.
Love Sarah - I like juicy raindrops and miso.
Update: I had another look at the website and found this doll. Clever Clogs: Once upon a time there was a clever clogs and her name was you. I like: boys who wear glasses.
It's true, I love boys who wear glasses!


Anonymous said...

Very cute! And I love juicy raindrops and miso too!


mrs Bono

Sarah said...

Mrs Bono, you are such a speedy commentator! The keys on my keyboard are still warm, yet you have left a comment already. Love your work nice lady!

I'm Andrea said...

Hi Sarah! Long long long time no talk! Way to long if you ask me. But I'm back in the blogging world again...FINALLY! I have missed you. Love your posts. I'm glad I will get to drop by more often.

Catherine said...

These are so cute!