Friday, 28 March 2008

For you

This is especially for you and you and you and you.
As you can see, I can't stop listening to anything and everything by Wilco. I haven't yet tired of googling Wilco and seeing what I discover.
Now I am off to rest my weary bones on a bed. But no california stars for me. I'll have to make do with pretty New Zealand stars that we will hopefully be able to see better tomorrow night when the people of Christchurch turn off their lights for Earth Hour.
Goodnight my sweet friends. Have a lovely weekend.


LauraB said...

Sarah have you tried Pandora radio yet? You put in an artist or a song and then it generates songs you will like based on what you put in. It's pretty accurate except for one thing, my Pandora refuses to accept I am not a Wilco fan (don't hate me for it). I'm going to have to get into it I think if it's so well-liked by people whose taste I trust!

laceyJ. said...

I looooove this song. He played it for us when I saw him, too. One of my favorites, in fact!

Btw, if you have yet to hear/see his Sunken Treasure solo/acoustic DVD- it's a must. You'll love it! (You can find it on Amazon.)

Thanks for this... Loved it.

Robin said...

Wonderful! Have a good weekend!

jo said...

ooohhh sarah!!!! thank you very much, i love it. what a wonderful song. it´s just great, great, great.

Jennifer Ramos said...

Hey Sarh,
Thanks for coming by my blog, and so gad you also posted about EARTH HOUR! :)
Great to see so many people caring, hope this keeps growing all over the world.

we should link up, i will add you to my blog links. : )


Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

ali said...

Hehe. I thought of Lacey when I saw this! Happy you included her, and that you had such a nice time.