Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The day Jeff Tweedy waved at me

I spent Easter in Wellington visiting Jojo. I feel so lucky that we got to go see Wilco play on Monday night. Oh my! The concert was AMAZING! Prior to 9pm on Monday night, I liked Wilco a lot. After 2 hours of being blown away by the musical genius that is Wilco, I am in love.

The gig was in a lovely old theatre which had great acoustics. It also had seats. Comfortable seats mind you, but still seats. It's just wrong to sit down at a concert! Halfway through, I said to Jo that I was going to go stand up at the front and join the dozen or so people already there and that if she didn't come, she would regret it. So when Jeff Tweedy jumped down to join us dancing few, we were glad to be there. (It's ok Jo, you can thank me later).

But I need to do my research better. I was gutted to discover today that Wilco allow non flash photography to be taken at their concerts. Boo hoo me because I didn't take my camera! Hence the rather blurry photos above which were taken from Jo's phone. Lucky that I have a million images imprinted in my memory. Most particularly, one from the very end of the evening, when the band was walking off stage after 2 amazing encores, Mr Tweedy himself looked straight at me, casually raised his hand and walked on. And that was the day that Jeff Tweedy waved at me.

Read the review here.
The title of this post may cause some controversy within my family as Jo thinks Jeff Tweedy waved at her, Sorry Jojo, there's no easy way to say this - you're still gorgeous but it was me he waved at!


Catherine said...

How exciting! They would be wonderful live! Did they play any of the Walt Whitman songs that they did with billy bragg? I am partial to California Stars oh and heavy metal drummer. I love his voice, and to have Jeff wave at you brilliant!

Robin said...

Ah! That would have been so awesome!

jo said...

oh, this is so cool!!!! how lucky!!! i´m glad you & jo had a fabulous time!!!

laceyJ. said...

You lucky! What an amazing night! I'm in love with Tweety- so, as you can imagine, I'm insanely jealous. But, so happy for you!

Thanks for the pics!

Anonymous said...

Great post but I do believe we might be debating who Mr Tweedy really did wave at until the day we die!! ha ha... thanks for encouraging me to get up and have a dance. You were do right about it ... but alas ... he waved at me!
love ya
jojo xx

Anonymous said...

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