Friday, 18 January 2008

Oh Me, Oh My, Oh Laura

Sometimes I hate it when a song I really like gets used in an advert. I just find it annoying that I song I love or means a lot to me, just means a little bit of advertising to someone else. An opportunity to go make a cuppa.
But then again, sometimes it's good. Like in the case of the Saab advert for this lovely song. Because without Saab I wouldn't have heard of Swedish band Oh Laura. And it's a miracle really because I usually mute the adverts!

Happy happy Friday to you! I hope you have an ace weekend x

1 comment:

alyson. said...

ooo. I like this song too!!

dlb's sis hasn't left for NZ yet, but she was really excited about the book. she'll be there feb-may.

glad to see you back blogging!