Thursday, 17 January 2008

A little bit smitten...

So here's the thing. I might be just a little bit smitten with a certain Mr Anderson Cooper.
Somehow over the holidays I discovered the 360 podcast on iTunes and have been excitedly downloading the new session each day. Of course I had heard of Anderson before, watched him on Oprah etc, but I don't have cable TV so did not have the pleasure of watching him each day. Until now. There is a whole lot of politics which is not really my thing but Anderson sure does make up for it.
And yes, I have heard that he might bat for the other team, but who cares? He's dishy and intelligent. I dig that. (Just so you know, I also have a thing for Nate Berkus. Yes, there is a theme here!).

P.S tomorrow is the Big Day Out in Auckland. Which means that the Arcade Fire will be playing. But I will be at work. In Christchurch. In the South Island. And they will be in the North Island. So you get it right? I don't get to see them! Oh boo hoo.


Melissa said...

I agree! Anderson Cooper is a dreamboat!

Anna said...

oh i know all about big day out angst. despite living in Auckland I still ended up working... while my flatmate went to the bdo in her works coroprate box (envy!)

Jennifer R. said...

have a thing for him too....hes such a handsome guy!!
Smart too...!

Jen Ramos
'100% Recycled DESIGNER Cards'

jamieanne said...

Ha! LOVE this post!