Thursday, 24 January 2008

The grumps.

It's been a bad day. The worst.
I want to cry. Let's face it, sometimes it does make you feel better. Must be those toxins being released. But the tears won't come. Which is unusual for me.
So I need to vent. It's a glass half empty day. Bear with me.

Random things that wind me up...
1. Cyclists who don't wear cycle helmets. Or those that wear them but don't do them up. That's just stupid.
2. When people call sleeves arms. I work in fashion. I get this a lot. Sleeves are on a garment. Arms are on a body. End of story.
3. Drivers who don't use their indicators.
4. When I choose to sit outside when eating out, hoping to enjoy the warm weather, but instead am surrounded by smokers. Eww.
5. I miss my Alice.

On the upside, tomorrow has to be a better day right? I mean, surely. It is Friday after all. Hurrah.


lola said...

hope you feel better now! and btw you're not the only one, was having a bad day too and just feel like screaming!! so glad tomorrow is friday!

alyson. said...

cheer up, my friend! :)

when I'm in a sad mood, I listen to classic rock. there's something about a good old song by Clapton or The Beatles that really gets me smiling, and sometimes dancing!

ali said...

Hoping you are feeling better! Everyone has a right to have a case of the grumps, on occasion. I say go buy your favorite treat and love it.

Now I'm off to wrap my head around how it's Friday there, and only Thursday here. Are you really that far away?

Anna said...

ahh its ok. can I share in your grumps? ive been working on storyboards and have just managed to crash my computer and (probably)lose my work. uh-oh. and don't fret about the sleeve thing... bad- i look at garments now and mentally think in spec terms...

At least its friday! have a great weekend

Catherine said...

oh I am sad that you are sad! Today is friday which always makes everything better though! I've had a tough week too, sometimes you just have to put it out there to let it go. Hope you are feeling better have a fantastic weekend!

Robin said...

Sorry to hear about your bad day!
I like to slam cupboards when I'm mad.
Here's to Friday!