Wednesday, 13 February 2008


I went to Wellington last weekend to hang out with Jojo.
It is such a fabulous city. I love going there.
Here's the lowdown:

What rocked:
- Spending time with Jo. I wish we lived in the same city.
- Lots of coffee / hot chocolate stops: Olive, Astoria, Go Bang Expresso. And catching up with friends.
- Blueberry gelato. Yummy.
- Oh, and Lemon gelato too. Heaven!
- Meeting Jo's friends Lucy & Kerry.
- Going to see 27 Dresses. Have a new found love for 'Bennie & the Jets'.
- Nachos from Sweet Mother's Kitchen.
- Walking past Peter Jackson. You would never guess that he owns his own lear jet!
- Meeting Hana & Maia. The gorgeous 5 month old twin girls of Jo's friends Jane & Craig. Adorable.
- A visit to Unity Books.
- Purchasing the new E.P by The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra. Yep, that's Bret above. Favourite track: It's A Heartache. And check out the cute tee shirts! (FYI - Bret & Jemaine performed a secret gig and signing in a tiny Wellington dvd store today. Watch a clip from it here).

What sucked:
- Having to sit in the front row at the movies. A design fault surely. I was turning my head left and right like I was at a tennis match just so I could see the whole screen! Not good.
- Not bumping into Bret or Jermaine on the street. Or even Mark Wahlberg or Giovanni Ribisi who are in town as well. But that's ok. I'm not really the stalker type that I have made myself sound here.

Actually not much sucked. The weekend was pretty sweet indeed.
And my next trip to Wellington is at Easter to see Wilco! Yay. Can't wait.


laceyJ. said...

Sounds like so much fun! And, Wilco? You lucky!!! They're one of my faves, and one of my favorite shows!

Anna said...

Ohhh now I'm getting sentimental about wellington... I have a soft spot for that place