Friday, 15 February 2008

Be A Bag

An email popped into my inbox yesterday to let me know that Be A Bag from Anya Hindmarch is back.
When I lived in London I absolutely indulged myself and got my own Be A Bag below.
You can order from here.

My very own Be A Bag with my favourite photo of me as a baby with my two sisters.


I'm Andrea said...

Sarah! Its bee so so so long. I am still reading your blog although usually unable to comment due to internet blocks. I HATE it. I was so happy to hear from you. I love to know what you are up to. Remember I'm always lurking ... even if I don't comment all the time. :) I will have a more reliable internet connection soon. And yes, I still have your email address. I will write you. Love.
P.S. That bag is darling!

Anna said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your comment on my blog! Ive left a rambling kind of reply below your comment. I would have emailled you I had your address. Anyhoo must get back to patterns...