Friday, 1 June 2007

Hurrah for birthdays

It's Friday. Hurrah! Which means that:
1. I get to turn the alarm off tomorrow
2. I get to turn the alarm off on Sunday
3. I get to turn the alarm off on Monday
Yes, that's right folks - Monday is a holiday in New Zealand.
It's the Queen's birthday which is a little odd for 3 reasons:
1. The Queen's actual birthday is April 21
2. Her official birthday is June 17 (but surely her official birthday is April 21??)
3. In the UK they don't even have a holiday for the Queen's birthday.
So I am going to enjoy and make the most of the long weekend because we don't have another public holiday for another 19 weeks. Eek!
Have a fabulous weekend x


Sarah said...

Is it bad that I didn't know it was (one of...) the queen's birthdays?! How many does she need? And why don't we get a holiday!! Might have to write to Tony Blair about this one... enjoy your days off :)

maggienikole said...

funny, in canada we celebrate it on the last monday before or on may 24th. apparently we are celebrating both the orginal queen's birthday as well as the current monarch's. but, who knows i'm just happy for the holiday. enjoy waking up without an alarm and have a great long weekend!

Victoria May Plum said...

Hi Sarah,
Just getting around to catching up with everyone, hope you are well.
Yes, I have been to Charmed in Port Isaac - It is gorgeous! I love the L-B's.

(I am hoping that the lovely mrs Llewellyn-Bowen will stock my candles soon??)

I have also sneaked a peek into their holiday home, and yes that is gorgeous too!!
p.s If I were the Queen, I would milk it for as many birthdays as I could.
Victoria x

Anna said...

aren't long weekends great! :)

ali said...

I just watched "The Queen" the other night. So I would like to wish her a belated Happy Birthday. Whenever it really was.