Monday, 11 June 2007

But I will miss you being so close...

{Andrea at The Fish and Chip Shop - the outside lounge room balcony!}

No post on Friday because I was busy out celebrating with my beautiful (in every sense of the word) friend Andrea (prounouced On-dray-ah - the Colombian way). Well, maybe celebrating is not the right word. You see Andrea has a new job so we were giving her a good send off. But it was also sad because I will really miss working with Andrea and seeing her everyday. Andrea started work just 2 days after me, so we trained together, worked together, laughed together and hey, sometimes we cried together. (But I guess that was mostly me huh Andrea? You provided a great shoulder to cry on by the way).

The night started out with dinner at The Flying Burrito Brothers which was fun and fabulous. Oh and the margheritas (which I once vowed never to drink again) were to die for.

{Margherita toast. The daily special. Feijoa & Pineapple. Mmm. De-lish! Thanks Keri!}
{Giant rosary beads}

Then we ended up in SOL Square at The Fish and Chip Shop. This place was so cool. It's quite new and has been decked out in a very kitsch kiwiana kind of way. Lots of loud patterned mis-matched wallpaper. It even had the wallpaper my Grandparent's had in their kitchen!

{not my Grandparent's wallpaper. But a pretty funky light shade}

I'm definitely going back to sample the fish and chips.

{such pretty lights}

It was a fabulous night. Thanks Andrea. Love ya!


ali said...

Looks like fun! And that Andrea is a beauty.

Victoria May Plum said...

Great post! I should really get in touch with all my old friends from work...
oh and get some chips!
Victoria x