Wednesday, 13 June 2007

Flavia del Pra tiles

I discovered Flavia del Pra tiles from UK Marie Claire June 2007.
I immediately looked up Bodie & Fou who stock them. I was so pleased to see they have a blog. Stores that blog rock!
Aren't these the most gorgeous tiles you've ever seen?
I'm in love.

By the way - Music Tuesday took a rest yesterday because the pub quiz was more important! Team name: Don't free Paris. We came nowhere close to winning but who cares. It was fun. I love pub quizzes!


eshu said...

ah! "don't free Paris"!!! perhaps the best team name EVER.

do you know that she instructed her lawyer not to appeal her sentence? she also found god after three days of playing ping pong in jail. now her dear father is planning a release party.

i'm ashamed i even know that much...

and yes, those are the most beautiful tiles my eyes have ever seen :) xo

I'm Andrea said...

those tiles are beautiful! i wish i had a house to put them in. :)

LauraB said...

You left the nicest comment on my blog, thank you.

Those tiles are really beautiful. When I see things like that I always wonder if it would be possible to recreate the idea yourself, with plain tiles and some sort of paint.

Have a great weekend!

Ceramic wall tiles said...

Some classy tiles.

I really like the pink tile.

Claire :)