Tuesday, 1 July 2008

It's July already?

Yikes, how did half the year go by already?!
I bought this album when I was in Australia. I'd never heard anything by Jen Lekman. I like taking a punt like that. That's me living on the edge! It was so different to what I expected.
It's cool. I like it a lot. Especially 'Your Arms Around Me'. This version is a little different from the album version but it's a good acoustic version. I've said the word 'version' too many times haven't I?!
Jens is pretty cute! Aren't you surprised at how deep his voice is? I like that this song has a silly subject matter that you usually think nothing of, other than being a nuisance but Jens has made it into something quite lovely.
Check out the album version of this song for some lovely violins.


jo said...

i ADORE jens!!! i´ve been listening to him a lot lately too :)

my fave is kaske ar jag kar i dig, the begining is so amazing!

from one of his previous albums, i love 'you are the light'!

Melissa said...

I heard "Postcard to Nina" on the radio a few months ago and thought it was my favorite band, Belle & Sebastian. So when I found out it wasn't, I had to look up Jens Lekman right away!

Ella said...

His voice IS deep.