Monday, 30 June 2008

Oh how I love New York

Cashmere Mafia has just started. It's set in New York (one of my favourite cities of all time) so it can't be all that bad can it? (or is it a SATC rip off with a little more drama?) But I can't help thinking that Miranda Otto and Frances O'Connor should be speaking with Aussie accents.
Anyways, so when I spent 3 hours at IKEA, Brisbane, I really really really wanted to bring this home. I mean really. It was just a little, um, big. Darn it.

Sarah's amazing trivia - I once saw Frances O'Connor shopping for bed linen at Liberty. Just goes to show the girl has fabulous taste. I don't think she was very well known then but I recognised her because I love this movie.
My friend Ernie took this photo of The Big Apple. Ain't she a beauty? Click for a closer look.


Laura B said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for stopping by my blog! I hadn't heard of Cashmier Mafia before but it looks kind of cool. I wonder how long it'll take to reach the UK. Nothing can replace SITC, but a filler would be nice! Happy Monday :)

Melissa said...

Aww man, you are making me want to get to nyc! I live so close and I haven't been since September!

Ella said...

I love New York! I went for the first time in April. It was like a poem.

If you like Donuts, go to Doughnut Plant. If you like Almond Croissants, go to the Petrossian.

I like pastry. And New York. I wish I were there...

(Also, has Lipstick Jungle started out there yet? It's the other SATC progeny/rip-off. I prefer it a little to this one.)

laceyJ. said...

Lovely photo! Never checked out that show- although, now I'm wishing I had!