Sunday, 18 March 2007

Weekend Round-up

It's been a busy weekend:

3 fairs

2 magazines

1 book

4 cds

2 lunches with friends

1 movie - Miss Potter (delightful by the way)

Today has been a mixed bag when it comes to the weather. Beautiful, warm, shining sun and blue skies and then rain, more rain, a lot more rain, thunder, lightning, wind and hail.

Here in NZ, Daylight Savings time has ended so I guess we are officially headed towards winter. I don't really want to think about the mornings I have ahead of me when I have to de-frost my car before I can leave for work so I will leave you with one of my favourite photos I took in summer and I will hope for warm, sunny picnic trips in a few more months...


Shelly said...

I love that photo! I have a photo of a road sign I took last time I was at the coast, a tsunami warning sign. I think interesting sights are, well, interesting!

Sounds like you had a busy week, lady! I hope you get some rest!

Sarah said...

Thanks Shelly ;)
I love it that everyday things we normally take for granted can be beautiful too.
Have a good week ;)