Sunday, 11 March 2007

Frankie Friday

For me, going home with a handful of new magazines to peruse over the weekend is one of lifes little pleasures. I am however, a bit funny with magazines. Soon after I buy them, I like to cut out (read: mostly rip straight out) the pages I like and put them in my style file (well one of many now). But this is easier said than done and I usually end up with a pile of magazines or tear sheets that need to be sorted through. This drives me k-razy!

So Friday after work I stopped by my local Borders store for my weekly check out of the new magazines. And I wasn't disappointed. They had frankie. Yay! I love frankie mag*. But there's one thing I don't get - I think we in NZ get this mag about one month after it comes out in Aus (ditto Shop Til You Drop and Madison). But we're only 3 hours away by plane! and we can get magazines from the States and the UK way faster than this. Can anybody shed some light on why these magazines from Australia take longer to get here? Because I just can't wait that long!

*frankie is one magazine I buy that stays in tact. There's just too much I like in it to pull it apart!

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