Tuesday, 6 May 2008


{I took this photo through my vintage viewfinder. It's Bondi Beach, not the Gold Coast but isn't it funny. }

Here I am. I've been hibernating. It's getting frosty here now. So I'm off to the Gold Coast of Australia for a lovely, relaxing, sleepy holiday. I can't wait. I shall have lots to tell you when I am back I am sure (and I will try to post more regularly! I know, I have gotten to be quite a rubbish blogger. But I still read the posts you write and you still inspire me so thank you).
Have a lovely fortnight. See you soon!
Mwah x


jo said...

have a wonderful time!!!

I *Heart* You said...

have a great trip!! i am so jealous! i need a holiday!

ambika said...

I love these sepia toned photos! Have fun, I seriously envy anyone enjoying sunshine right now.

Catherine said...

Oh have a wonderful holiday! Sounds perfect!