Tuesday, 1 April 2008

New music - what to buy?!

Hello folks
I love good emails. I especially love when they are from Borders and they inform me that I can buy up to 6 cds with a discount of 40%.
So, the question is what to buy? In order to help me from thrashing Wilco to death, please comment back with your suggestions!
Funny, Paige is also asking the same question so let her know your tips too. Cheers!


Catherine said...

Oh I wish I had a borders here to go use a voucher like that! I had planned to go buy a heap of new albums tomorrow myself, the new gnarls barclay (great for a bit of dancing and for the treadmill!), the live muse album (those guys rock!) and iron and wine (heard little bits on the radio and I am curious!). Then again a wilco obsession is not such a bad thing either! Have fun with your voucher.

Melissa said...

Gosh, so many choices. Well, if you love Wilco, how about Jason Collett? Lately I've been listening to Maritime and The Shout Out Louds a lot. Belle and Sebastian is my favorite band ever, and I just picked up Jens Lekman which I thought was B&S the first time I heard it. Gosh, I'm not sure if Borders would have most of these. I just got the new Raveonettes album, but I haven't listened to it much. And I've been wanting to get the newer Weakerthans album for months now. Hmm, that's probably enough. :-)

ambika said...

If you like Wilco, you might like:
Sondre Lerche
Band of Horses
the Eels

The last two are a bit older but definitely have that same sound. If you're looking to mix it up from Wilco, I've had Vampire Weekend and Kate Nash on repeat for a while.

jo said...

i agree with ambika, band of horses!!!

the latest goldfrapp is a great option. or what about the bird and the bee!

Anonymous said...

what about U2????

Lady Bono

LauraB said...

I'm with Ambika too, band of horses is pretty good. Other things more like Wilco could be like Matt Pond PA? His older stuff is really good. Oh and you have to try out Andrew Bird! I think you'll like that too. Good luck!

lola said...

yes, i love goldfrapp's latest album. been listening to adele and coconut records too lately.

Kaylen said...

Borders does usually carry a good amount of indie artists. Not all their albums may be in STOCK, but some of them are there.

My favorite band is the Decemberists. They have an England-y sound to them, and they sing really extravagant songs about historical type characters.

Other bands to check out:
- Justice
- Iron & Wine (great to chill out to, take a nap, do yoga, etc)
- Sufjan Stevens
- Feist
- The Shins
- The Polyphonic Spree

Good luck and happy hunting!

laceyJ. said...

So many good suggestions already! To add:
-She & Him (can't get enough of it lately)
-Colin Meloy's solo album
-Bon Iver
-Via Audio
-Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsen
-The new Nada Surf
-Fleet Foxes

Okay. I'm done. I think!