Monday, 5 November 2007

Tales from the weekend

My weekend was fabulous. How was yours?
Friday night I went to see Crowded House play. I adore Neil Finn but I thought the concert was good, not great. Their new stuff seemed a little dull but it was really good to hear the old tunes that I know so well. Pluto and Supergroove supported and were great!
I picked up some great bargains at a local fair. A lovely orange floral retro outdoor umbrella for $2! And a great seat which I am going to re-upholster for $10. Oh, I love summer and all it's fair glory.
Yes, it would be better if I had photos to share but for now you will have to use your imagination. I will try to take some soon.

The weekend also involved a lovely walk in the gardens, passionfruit gelato, crazy science experiments with Finn & Briar, catching up with my friend Dom over the Home and Away omnibus and a delicious barbecue at my friend Emma's lovely new home.

Today I came home to find my own copy of Mixtape in the mail. Hurrah!
I wasn't quick enough to get my hands on the first issue so I made sure I got in quick when they announced the 2nd issue.
But good news, the first issue sold out so quickly that a few more have been printed. Be quick and click here to get yours.
Mixtape - a zine for making time for the small things. Which is precisely what I intend on doing. It's only 7 weeks until Christmas (My favourite time of year) and I need to act fast if I intend to make a lot of presents. Also, I want to make the most of summer and all it's gorgeous sunshine warmth so my blogging posts may become more sporadic in the next few weeks and longer. Which probably won't be that much of a change as they seem to have become quite sporadic already. Thanks for hanging in there with me!


Catherine said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend, I am so jealous Crowded House! I haven't really got into the new stuff either, and I just think it's so very sad there's no Hessie anymore! But neil's voice is fantastic!
I am going to have to check out Mixtape too that looks great!

ali said...

What a cute little zine. I want one! Happy you had a nice weekend, and to hear from you again.